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[Oct 13 2004]
A nemesis-users mailing list has been created. Additionally, the bug tracking and feature request systems have been configured.

[Oct 6 2004]
Nemesis 1.4 has been released . The Nemesis source code has branched at version 1.4 as major changes are coming in the next major version.

[Oct 29 2003]
Thanks to, is alive. Now I have a way to serve up anoncvs, offer forums and perhaps even a mailing list. The possibilities are almost endless (mwuahahah, er.. just kidding).

[Jun 29 2003]
Nemesis 1.4beta3 Build 22 is the most functional version of Nemesis to date. Problems in the Windows version of Nemesis have been fixed by fixing LibnetNT.

[Feb 17 2003]
New in Build 18 is the -Z command line switch for the Windows version of Nemesis. The -Z command line switch will list the available network interfaces for use in link-layer injection.

[Feb 12 2003]
A Windows version of Nemesis is now available. Please test it out and see how well it compares to the version for UNIX-like systems.

[Feb 3 2003]
After a year and a half in hiatus, a new version of Nemesis is nearly complete. The current codebase has been almost entirely rewritten and all that remains before a full release of 1.4 is to complete the updates to the RIP protocol injector and to rewrite the OSPF injector. Rather than make users wait any longer, these beta versions available in the meantime.